Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Real Space Invaders (Response to Mrs Janine Palmer)

 Pretty Janine Palmer of California spiritual guru lore trying to reconcile why she unfriended me as she is under the MIS apprehension that DIS agreeing with her is cause to say I've DIS respected her.

      ---Oh I see so I'm supposed to "go along" with 'woo woo' from pretty Janine because??? I like her? YES,...shes great and well placed on FICTION books but DON'T use words like "quantum" and other scientific terms to impress in her ethereal sentences. It CONFUSES the gullible and credulous people that are in need and makes the hard won scientific efforts muddled to that extent and the science community has to issue statements and backtrack CLEANING up the mess that is created by using their terms for her "spiritual awakening" NO. I wont put up with it BUT I NEVER yelled. EVER! I ALWAYS respect Janine Palmer as my friend that has good discussions with me BUT I would be DIS respecting her if I continued to let her betray "truth" which she SAYS is SO valuable to her. No Mrs Palmer its NOT "your" truth and MY truth. TRUTH <---stands alone. It does NOT need to be flanked by "woo woo" talk that gets NOWHERE
When I asked in a theoretical question IF she could take away all the suffering in the world and ALL would live in harmony BUT she'd have to go along with, say, MY way, would she? she replied ---paraphrasing here but true to her sentiment --NO. Thats OK but just don't say you are looking for truth.
"Thou protests too much" when Janine writes so heavy about being aware of the "EGO". Shes on point I'd say but hmmm maybe ironically ---as most things are---she might want to point that mirror in her direction.
can u DIG Janine? Because I KNOW you got a shovel that you've been using for some stinky stuff. Are u gonna crumble with some constructive criticism? ...I guess if you crumble you can go back and build up with that same shovel BUT ---just don't say you are after truth.
NO one ---least not me--- says you are TRYING to do harm
  To use YOUR word one could say that I "tolerate" you lollll
 BUT I, myself, wouldn't be rude and ignorant.
Always be cause

Holding Space
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