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Humanities Conditional Agreement

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                                       Humanities Conditional Agreement: 
                                                    Thee Discussion 

I've written this long ago in some way in my head, but updated and published/posted by: John L Freeman (LeMarc Landean) on Thursday, September 22, 2011 at 11:20pm.
 ---(This paper) is still in progress and (e)ditions. It might even be in the form of subtractions---as we all are. ~ LeMarc
---"Have you seen her!, somebody pretty foolin' with her style and ease" Opening lyrical line from "Dance The Night Away" ~ VH (1978)
---I'm what you might describe as a (non)- meglo man Dave ~ DLRoth: From the DLetterman show *1986. ---Spoken in his "Diamond Dave" affably sarcastic sense of, (You either get me or you don't).
---Religions are crude attempts to create a "failure mode" guide to existence on earth (as a philosophy) and simultaneously to assuage the tremendous fear of life and death that is in every man when confronted with his own impotence. ~ Eric: ...Texas
---Dedicated to all that have been imprisoned by hysterical types that have halted the chance for one to think for themselves: by someone whom was lucky enough to breakout (twice -quite literally in 1/83 & 1/85) and see this mental prison from the outside and find a way out due to the inevitably different view this brings. 
 ---If we start with a false premise then we can never get to real discovery and/or truth and that "fruit of the poison tree" notion we started with will only lead to what I call an infinite 'trans'gression. While saying that 2 plus 2 equals 5 might get you close to the answer it will never get to truth and everything subsequent to that initial premise will be flawed and only grow in error to the extent it is used as a 'base' of reasoning.    
   ---Religions have a fail-safe mode of defense as in, "reason is the devil". Dare not use the brain that supposedly (god) gave us? Maybe the reason god gave us the brain we do have is to realize that he doesn't exist. Now, the irony is clear to me in that last sentence but the literal mind does not know how to fix this in their mind.
  ---I can be and I am certain (via the same process that always brings me at 4 when I add 2 + 2) that the bible is the writing of humans. Big deal, seems old and maybe and likely bordering on boring? Well, because it IS an old thought. That -in itself, does not negate that something is at least relevant, but for the matters here: it is crucial to our own survival, much less lifestyle.
---The arguing of religion by (non-believers) or (atheist) vs. the pious in which the whole affair is centered around the scrutinization of the bible and it's contradictory passages, cruelties and unmerciful suffering seems to be going in circles at times somewhat like arguing the color blue- but this was indeed necessary. Point of above few sentences is that (people might say, (faith based)---some even, very thoughtful, knowledgeable religious apologists), here I must note Frank Turek, the religious people's best most intelligent speakers-debaters, that "of course silly, we don't believe in a man with a white beard, etc; anymore" any (MORE) --- REALLY? The last ditch case the faithful try to make is that, well, it makes people behave better because what are we going to do without these rules in this seemingly very special book (though there are many books and each faith thinks they have THEE book) about what we call god. Really? So you would immediately start killing, raping and stealing without the notion of god. What does this say about a person. I don't do these things for 2 reasons, one is that I and all of us know what pain is like, but the other more uncomfortable reason is solipsistic in nature, and it is because that person might inflict harm on US. Nothing more than that. You CAN make it more but it's unnecessary and cheapens any decent behavior that we actually can muster. 
   ---This at the least brings this fight to the forefront and is essence the opening salvo for the real blood to come. Maybe the only time where I, myself would agree with the old 'bloodletting' medical healing technique in that it actually metaphorically and in some cases practicality would and will do us well. How-ever there are still a large portion of thoughtful religious people that, at a minimum, bridal when someone points out the obvious and glaring realization that even the religious books can't seem to get it together what supposedly happened, as if that alone would make those claims decent moral teachings. Religion gets it's morals from us, not the other way about.
---Now, there can be no doubt on this as billions have been crippled in their thought by past and very frighteningly present generations. (and to make fun of a cripple whether it's of a physical type, or (and this seems even more heinous) the mental kind, is  frowned upon to put it lightly as I am not 'making fun' rather, I see this (un"belief" I have always had) as a gift---from god---you could say. So I am sharing my "gift" to you, dear reader. As you might see I am not above ridicule in these matters. I believe it can do a person well after one gets past the initial fear of their thought processes.
     The reason that the faithful struggle so much is clear. It is because we always know, deep down, when something is 'just not right'. We contort ourselves, some scream and holler in a particular church, we NEED others to 'believe' as we do---or try to, we need to keep having repetitions in the form of recitals or ressitations, we side up with others just to not be left out and alone with this 'belief' because we really know that we don't have that  much "faith". A known fact or a 'truth' never needs reinforcement. It just is because it is so. Of course there is so much to learn but religion, of any kind, stops us and says, "this is ALL you need to know, which would be fine but we seem to be made to know that this is not so.
         ---We are at a point in our history where we are ready to break free of these, as has been put, mind forged manacles. (and that can and should be a point of discussion on why all this, (the resistance to these scriptural books ---now?). I am not referring to the veracity of bible verses which is antithetical to real truth. As I have wrote it IS scary, but less scary.  ---Surely it must be simply enough conceded as self evident that the bible and other 'holy' orders are the work of man and his childish ways of the very understandable need to 'make some sense of things' and the need becomes as always, or rather should always be to advance (past) this with a slight but important type of course correction. All of these points should be up and running, one might assume. --I ask, are they?
---It does -in some views, seem like an old, exhausted and boring discussion. Only though if one is not paying attention to the blatantly obvious. Indeed it -to the extent of merely time- is all of these. One thought that should keep leading to flushing out and shining a spotlight on this fallacious, albeit majoritive way that people go about their life and while most do not really take the scriptures so very serious I, myself, wouldn't try to tell them this.
---How-ever that should never be forgot and or let back in -as those doors are, if not closing now- should be swinging shut and abandoned where Linus left his trusty but hole riddled blanket. It does, at a glance, even at an intense glare- seem like this should be followed by the oldest question, "Well then what the hell is it all about"?
---All we know to be true on this, is that we will never ever know by means of closing the eye. To be so obstinate that a refusal to be more aware of anything as critical to our own survival would just be to give up all: which religion is very adept with and to the point of even boasting this intrinsic and damaging non effort (Unless you disagree with it) Then my fellow brethren, (Religion ROARS).
---There is nothing one can say except what is self evident: Religion is Mans (constant) attempt to control Man. It is, as is said: combining to maxims of both solipsism and servility, and these can't co-exist by their very definition: This has been honed to be this way as it is a self sealing, beyond reproach tactic. It has to be this because it has always been "under attack"--even from the one's that profess the belief. Even with the most Fundamentalist, this does not go as deep as they would desperately want you to believe. It, because it is so phantasmal HAS to be of the sort that keeps needing reinforcement. In brief to on that, I am referring to the so called, "miracles" etc,...
---When I say I am certain, and use this word---I can really only mean it as I say: as much as I am comfortable that I'll get 4 every time I add 2 plus 2---having opened with that in the middle of this scribble: On with it---I rarely-if ever would publish/post/say something and claim certainty- unless it fit that simple criteria: and this is just a taste---it stems from confusion: which really, deeply truly---is our fear (human) of womens "stuff" (see separate post). I think it's from the Latin for how shall I say? ---coos coos ---and the power therefore fear thus anxiety, which leads to maniacal behavior in man.  
 ---Our worst behavior comes from confusion/fear---women are both to us: ---we crave: I do. We fear many things. I do.
---However, another look and it is STILL doubted fervently that it is made by Man. This MUST be fought. I can't nor would say/claim that there is no type of god. Not because of an attempt to be overly polite or anything other than for the simplest of reasons that still escapes more people than even I thought: and it's mighty answer is, I (can't) know this. What I am sure of is neither can you.
---IF- thought about,  just in the slightest way, would we really want these types of gods? Well, it (seems) that we don't have a choice in this matter, in other words, I believe that it IS just what we see -for the part I speak of here- granted we are bound to see more and more, but when the earliest of creatures seen what amounted to be mundane horror as something everyday as another creature being mutilated, we naturally tried to find reason for this and voila! Enter gods. Later, the people in power, whether it was the tribe leader in some part of the world, to the King in quite another, mostly knew that they couldn't (really) know, so they needed something to control the people. Enter religion.
         CRITICAL point:
~ The most glaring observation (whether there are many or one or no gods) that religion shows it's lack of confidence, is that it "preys" on the youngest and is infested, and infected in us before we have reached any age that would permit what would be called reasoning. ANYTHING that asks you to suspend your own individual reasoning is by definition going to 'take you on a ride' This it seems to me is it's biggest tell. Now, this ride could be self-induced, and if so, as with drugs. That, I save for other papers, but I will just say that a delicate amount of self-delusion is really not so bad for us in itself, and to bring it full forward---it does in fact help us cope. However, the difference with being able to choose 'when' you want to suspend disbelief is all about making a decision. You'll see though that at the earliest of ages this is forbidden. For this reason alone, we should, apart from many other qualms, and at the very least suspect it.
---I, myself could have many reasons to believe in some type of god based on certain awe inspiring experiences in my life, but ALL I can really say (as of now) is that they were/are coincidences. Thus, (for whatever reason we are here) we should use what time we have here -in the only life we know we have- for what again seems clear to me, Education and Energy. So, I put it in a simple sentence that I claim for myself, "We are here for the study/education of energy". It sounds simple but not by any means simplistic. This does not rule out love/sex, beauty, empathy, sympathy, ---and the like. I would and do argue that it opens us up even more to these all can agree beautiful experiences in life. This should, but won't go without mentioning that education---could and does in part extend to (finding out, experiencing the sweetest love and craziest most erotic sex, is there any other? at least worth having? Not by my liking anyway.
---I would suggest forgiving your parents. It, like religion, can lead to an infinite regression as they can say this is the way they were taught, and their parents can say the same and so on which is analogous to who created god, and who created who which can lead to types of mania's. I've seen it as I am certain you have too even if you haven't been aware of it.
---"This Be The Verse" by (PLarkin) conveys this well if you are of a poetic bent. I am not. Yet I'm moved by the simplicity and lesson these words bring. It leads back to religion which leads back to fear of our own death. Even the seemingly benign small-talk of, "What do you do"? CAN be extended to (What do you do for a (living)---to stay alive, to NOT die). WE are ALL scared of death. We do ANYTHING to NOT think about it.
(*) Maybe the most important note on all of what I , unlike others that I have seen, seem to, at best -gloss over, and at the other end have let me down when they don't even address what seems to be an innate therefore inescapable demand to fill this hole that they so delight in digging) write of this while at all times trying to fill this gap. Even writers to this subject that I have much respect and even affection for in one case. In other, maybe more direct words, ALL of this is taken into account in this paper as I try to not only show these flaws, (which is too easy, but moreover to see that they illuminate very little) but give ways of dealing with the unforced admitted hole this seems to leave in us.
---On the parents point, to bring it up to the more present, I would also suggest John Mayers' song "Daughters". Nice song and all, but moreover, the words come to mind: and when put to melody, well, it is beautiful and it needed to be written, especially being a decent albeit modest (ha) musician myself, I wish I could have wrote that. In other words, and I think that you'll 'forgive' the play on these words when I say, "for God's sake, let your children be and let them decide for themselves which way they want to go". If you're keeping them safe: and DO---by all means from indoctrination of really any kind, they'll go through the mental gymnastics (which in itself is a good thing and greatly needed in any of us, but especially in the young) between the obstinate route or the more thoughtful, -which leads to being one that is bound to be sympathetic, kind, considerate, (and much more important, an excellent life learning process) way, well I have faith that it will be the latter and that they can and will be a more happy being for it.
---Do you as a parent have the grace though to see your children through this? -either way-?
Or will it be your way or that proverbial highway?
----I, myself have a 2nd grade education and have fought and fighting various things, but never have had a struggle with the things that I see many people deal with. But, I've HAD to deal with the results from this mode of thinking that most people have and can unequivocally say that it does not do us any good, and more important--it harms us. I am certain, and to borrow a phrase, "it infects us at our core". I mention about my education to the reader because I (believe) that I might have escaped some of the (dogmatic), (much more on this often used, breezed by word) ways of thought,---or non-thought--- as in the rote type process.
---I can be taken the wrong way and put into a little corner of the room as if to not scare people. Yet, I more than speculate to this idea that this little thing in the corner room just might be exactly what people need. (I am people). However, I know I am of the sort that people are sometimes put off by, in that: (How can he know that)? (He's weird), (What's he talking about, and why now?). 
---I understand though. I spend basically my whole free-time and for that matter even my work time chilin, and get a bug to write about things quite often whether I am with company and/or alone or even both at the same time. To me the only thing really worth talking about is---the 3 things we're told never to bring up, (at least in polite company---and who the hell wants to be in 'polite' company ---really. Not just some 'fun with phrases' type thing ---although I admit to finding that it comes in handy (Nouns are the "what" while Verbs are the "how": MUCH more important. Politics, who cares---although I am breezing by this I realize, but religion and sex. I am very firm that tact is so very important, but never in place of bettering someone. If I speak on these things without resorting and/or camouflaging to the idiotic "fukin A, and dee's dems and dos', well the usual knee-jerk reaction is at hand and on display and I sigh and say "wrong crowd" ---learn from it and move. But you see it IS the right crowd. Yes, I am also one that (as I say this example a great deal) comes running out yelling that "I've figured it out! If you add 2 plus 2, you get 4 every time". So, suffice it to say that I am able and/or cursed -depending on your tastes, and my mood -to have this way of thinking. It has it's minuses, but most are just amusing, albeit some are very trying, The plus would be that I can think the way I do. I was purposefully vague there. I used to wish I could just take a pill and turn it off. Now, I look for some type of a pill that could possibly fuel it. Careful and delicate with this as fuel can ignite.
---On that, ---as for (fuel)-ing, I do get what I call 'on fire' at times. As you might be able to see I do not much like being coy. I feel it is a mixture of the right (energies) percolating. When I do NOT know something, and that's quite often and if it's -trivial---in the exact sense of that word, well then I don't hesitate to ask. There are at least two key factors to this. The first is simply as the person known as Socrates is well known for: (the beginning of intelligence is knowing how little you do know), and the second is: It's a (win-win) ---like that funny commercial 2011---for all. For instance: You're driving with your girl, you find yourself lost---Well, I just look for someone that looks as if they might know more than me and my whereabouts and ask. Especially if it's a guy with his girl, he feels good because he looks good to his girl for (showing me), and I get there and faster, also it becomes clear to your girl that you are not stubborn and sure enough of yourself that you would ask. On a lighter note, I don't suggest you asking her, "Where do I put my (#@#$)? REALLY? !!!, thanks for showing me honey" You might lose her on that, and really, you should. Might not be fair, but neither is the process of finding a mate to have children.
---Can I be fooled/taken, outfoxed? OF COURSE! Clever has it's place but I have always liked and soothed myself with what I came to realize had a name, the dialectic. Clever might go over better in an attempt to win a debate but won't push the thought process needed that will allow growth to actually gain knowledge of whatever you're trying to -figure out' and/or further. That's the real win. As for our fear of death and what could possibly replace the old scriptures that just don't do it--but we turn to them because we feel that need for (something)---well I heard it put better than I can on a series of shows in 1997 called "Understanding" I forget the topic that this particular part was on,...but it ends with "in the end (of all we have gained knowledge of) all we really know that we have is each other". Also, some good lovin goes down easy. --so to speak.
~LeMarc (John Freeman) 

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